Cost of Services

     Rates for our services are given below. To learn what you get for your money, what we expect of you, and what you can expect from us, please read the description of each service. Our goal is to provide you with high quality service resulting in the accomplishment of your objective. We have a track record of success, and monitor the quality of our work assiduously. We do not offer guarantees, but if the results do not meet your expectations, please consult with us and we will do our best to obtain a satisfactory result for you.

     Please note: if you cancel an order after we have confirmed and scheduled it, the order is subject to a full-cost late cancellation fee.

Transgenics Targeting Transfection Chimeras Rederivation CRISPR/Cas9 Embryo Cryo Sperm Cryo IVF ICSI ES Cells FET
$3,300*§ $6,600† $2,750 $3,300‡§ $2,000§ $5,000¤§ $3,000¶↵ $2,500↵ $2,500§ $2,500§ $5,000 $2,000§

* $3,300 for plasmid inserts <10kb into B6SJL. An additional $1,650 for BACs and plasmid inserts >10kb, and/or an additional $1,650 for strains other than B6SJL: for example, a small plasmid into B6SJL would be $3,300, a small plasmid insert into FVB would be $4,950, a BAC into C57Bl/6J would be $6,600. The cost of egg donor females is extra, typically $1,000-$2,000. We also offer an alternative service for batches of 4 or more constructs which is structured on payment for each day of microinjection (per-day injection agreement). In this batch service, the client assumes the risk that no founders may be produced on a day of microinjection. This service is only available for 4 or more constructs, the inserts must be less than 10kb in size, the client must purify the DNA inserts by our method, the strain of mice must be C57Bl/6JxSJL F2, only one construct will be injected on a given day, and the client assumes the risk for nonproductive injection days. The cost is $1,925 per injection day with a minimum $200 animal transport charge for non-CWRU locations. Although we will take batches as small as 4 constructs, this option works best for the client with larger numbers of transgenes.
† $6,600 for the 129 R1 ES cell line; $9,350 for the C2 C57BL/6 ES cell line.
‡ $3,300 for 129 ES cell lines and the cost of donor females; $4,950 for C57BL/6N ES cell lines and the cost of donor females.
¤ $5,000 and the cost of donor females for CRISPR/Cas9 on B6SJL hybrid background; $6,000 and the cost of donor females for CRISPR/Cas9 on inbred background.
§ An additional minimum of $200 will be charged for animal shipment on non-CWRU orders.
¶ $3,000 for up to 3 cryopreservation sessions. Additional sessions $700 each.
↵ includes five years of storage in liquid nitrogen at two sites.